Walking Home from Mongolia

On November 14th, Rob Lilwall, a British born adventurer, and Leon McCarron, Irish born adventurer and cameraman, set off on what seems like an immense test of will power, personal courage and courage. They are walking from Mongolia to Hong Kong, in order to raise funds for at-risk children around the world.

The expedition will take them from the waste lands of Mongolia, across the Gobi desert, into China. And then all the way down across the breadth of China until Hong Kong. They will be carrying all their gear with them too, including inflatable kayaks to navigate rivers. The expedition is expected to be finished in 6 months time. What’s crazy is that they are attempting this in winter! Where temperatures in China are below freezing pretty much 24/7.

Rob is a veteran of another expedition – Cycling Home From Siberia – which took him from north-east Russia back to his home in London via Papua New Guinea, Tibet, and Afghanistan.

Leon has shot documentary footage on five continents, with expedition experience in jungles, deserts, oceans and sub-zero temperatures. His most recent expedition saw him cycle 23,000 kms solo and unsupported from New York to Hong Kong, shooting a documentary about the people on his route and raising funds for UNICEF.

Together, they intend to raise money for Viva who look after the development of at-risk children worldwide, giving them opportunities for a productive life.

Rob and Leon have currently made it across the border from Mongolia, into China. To follow updates from their epic journey, connect with them on Facebook or their blog
You can also see their progress on a daily basis here.

To help their mission, please spread the word! You can also donate here. Enjoy the video below, from Rob’s Cycling home from Siberia adventure.