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What Stories To Tell About Your Brand? Learn From The Best Storytellers on Instagram

Social Media has levelled the marketing field, giving a voice to brands of all types and sizes, even the ones with zero marketing budgets, operating from remotest parts of the world. A smartphone, an internet connection, an authentic story, persistence and a bit of creativity is all that a startup needs today to build a brand and get noticed.

The current environment presents immense opportunities for social good startups to build strong brands as they are founded on real needs and usually a great story. However many are not able to market and tell that story in a way that resonate with their audience.

My goal with this article is to help you craft your brand story and be able to share that story daily on your social media channels.

I follow a large number of social good brands that are excellent storytellers and great with creatives – Krochet Kids, Toms, 31 Bits, Apolis, Raven+Lily, Charity:Water to name a few.  I also follow social good brands that are just getting started with social platforms to see how they are ramping up. Instagram for me is the benchmark; if you’re on it you’re current. Instagram is the fastest growing social platform that beautifully marries storytelling with visuals. Also it allows for easy sharing into other popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

From years of following the Instagram channel’s of some of the best storytellers, who are the best not just in the social good arena but across industries, this is what I’ve gathered.

They share on an average two posts daily, their pictures are beautiful, eye catchy, real (not stock photos) and authentic as they share about their work as it happens in real life. Pictures are accompanied by short tales that spans from founding story, values, about their community, their customers, news, office culture, about what makes their product unique, about their employees and the impact made. Their content is inspiring, pictures are enthralling. Seeing and reading these short snippet of stories everyday shapes people’s perception and  makes them want to associate with the brand and to share their stories ahead.

Just sharing photos of your product or making an ask is not enough. Brands need to tell a complete story of who they are, why they exist, what goes on behind the scene in order to strike an emotional connection with their audience and to earn their trust.

Tell stories of the impact you’re making on the ground

Tell them why you do what you do

Show them what makes you unique

Showcase your customers and their stories

Make them fall in love with your work culture