Dig Social Change? Your Turn to Participate!

NSEF India have just announced their Authors of Change 2011 program. This is a program that is designed to give enthusiastic youth that are hungry for social change, a chance to work with social enterprises that are making a difference in India.

We first covered NSEF India in this post. As part of its objectives, the organization attempts to provide internship opportunities for college graduates and undergrads to experience first hand what its like to be part of a social venture.

The Authors of Change program has partnered with social ventures all over India, and is now accepting applicants from interested students.

Companies participating in the program include names such as Mother Earth, Samhita, Video Volunteers and Boond. As part of the program, students get to spend 2 months ‘in the trenches’ with these organizations as interns.

This year, about 30 social enterprises have offered around 60 challenging roles in Marketing, Social Media, Supply Chain Management, HR, Outreach, Business Development, Business plan Development, Website Design, Communications, Strategy, Finance, Product Development etc.

At the end of the internship the students participate in a 2 day BootCamp where they share experiences with each other and network with experts from companies and the social sector.

In order to apply, students need to register here and send in their applications before March 10th 2011.

For more information, please visit the program website.